Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of today’s leading platforms when it comes to paid advertising. It allows us to really target in detail your audience based on location, demographic and interest’s. This ensures that we place your product or service to the ones who need it most.


We learn and understand who your ideal audience is and apply that when targeting them for you on Facebook. This information is used with a combination of demographic, location, interest and behaviour based targeting.


We have the ability to show ads to those that have already visited your website or have already engaged with you on Facebook. Whether they are buyers, add to carts, liked your post, watched your video or visited specific pages, we can retarget them and show them content they’re already familiar with.

ad creation

What the potential customers see on your ads is just as important as the targeting. We work with you to make sure the ads fully represent your brand from the images/videos we use to the ad copy itself.

split testing

When the campaign is running we don’t stop learning. We test audiences, ad copy, images, videos, call-to-actions and landing pages to ensure we are running ads efficiently - basically sticking to what works and tossing what doesn’t. This helps us bring you results based on your campaign goal while keeping the costs at a minimum.

ad reporting

Facebook provides analytics as part of their ads manager. We gather and analyze many data points from your ads like CTR, CPC, social reach, social engagement, frequency, and cost per conversion. We’ll provide you with these reports so you always know how they are doing.

We are not in any way affiliated with Facebook. We are an independent agency and we abide by Facebook advertising policies on behalf of our clients.